MMDVM Hot Spot

ZUM Radio Elite 3.5 LCD ZUMspot Kit running pi-star.

I picked up a DMR hotspot from HRO today. It took me a few minutes to get it set up1; eventually, I found this document describing how to set it up, as well as some additional information from Brandmeister. I ran across a bunch of videos by Bridgecom, which I’m assuming would be pretty useful but I’d much rather consume this information via text.

I do have some qualms about using a hotspot; I’m mostly interested in comms separate from the internet. However, it does allow me to connect with other people and participate more in the community. I do want to get an Anytone 578 set up as a DMR repeater for my friends as well. We’ll see how well that works.

  1. Of course, I went full send when testing it and keyed up TG 91. ↩︎

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