It’s been a while since I took the Extra exam, but I’m pretty sure I lose my license if I don’t list out my radios.

My current home setup: a Signalink hooked up to a Xiegu G90 and Powerwerx SS30DV, with a Framework laptop running Windows 10. I’m using HRD for radio control, logging, and digital modes other than FT8. My antenna is an indoor quadrant antenna resonant on 12m. The FT8 has been moved to a backpack setup. Previously, I used a Xiegu G90, a Yaesu FT-817, and a Z-817 ATU with a Signalink. This setup used 20m and 10m dipoles strung about five feet off the ground in my backyard.

At some point, I’ll write pages for each of these radios and link them here.


  • The VX6R is the first “real radio” I bought (vs being loaned to me).
  • I recently got a VX-8DR. I’m still getting used to it.
  • A pair of UV5Rs that I’m using in an ammocan repeater / portable packet node.
  • A lot of Baofeng F8HPs with extended batteries. This is basically my staple VHF/UHF radio at this time and I have them stashed all over the place.
  • I recently acquired a pair of Baofeng AR-152s. I like them a lot.
  • I use a Baofeng UV9R as a kayak radio.
  • I have an Anyone 878UVII+, which is a solid DMR radio that could be better.
  • I picked up a Yaesu FT-4XR a while ago to evaluate it as an entry radio for some friends. I’m not a fan.

Grownup™ Radios

  • A TYT TH-9800 – originally planned as a vehicle radio, but may be repurposed as a VHF/UHF digital node.
  • A Yaesu FT-817. This has been my workhorse
  • A Xiegu G90. This is relatively new, and I need to spend more time with it. I got mine with the bail integrated with a fan.


  • A few Signalinks
  • Digirig
  • Mobilinkd TNC3
  • A Kantronics KPC-3+
  • The Rite in the Rain kit for field notes. I like the bolt action pen, personally.
  • A Moleskine for taking ham notes.

Radios I’d like to acquire

Radios are like guns: in theory, I’d like one or more of each, please. This is apparently untenable.

  • Either an Elecraft KX3 or Icom 705 as a higher-end super portable QRP HF transceiver. Thanks to N0DBG, I have a KX2 – its only weakness that it only does 80-10, i.e. it doesn’t do 160m
  • A TBR-119 just because it’s ridiculous (as opposed to getting a PMR-171). See the next entry.
  • A Clansman radio set – these are UK military radios that I always thought looked interesting. Honestly, any recentish manpack military radio would be nice.
  • A Xiegu 6100 (6200 now?) as a cheaper portable QRP rig.
  • Some kind of larger base station radio (along with some land to raise a mast on).
  • The Q900 looks pretty cool.

Radios I don’t own anymore

  • Icom 2AT – not really mine, it was on loan. Still, it got me started. I first worked a satellite with this radio – I’m pretty it was AO-27.
  • TYT MD380 – the single worst radio I’ve ever used in my life (even compared to the PRC-148), and one I sincerely regret spending money on. I sent this one to the government, and by government I mean .45-70 government1. May it rest in pieces.


  • QYT CB-58
  • Uniden BCD436HP trunking scanner
  • Tecsun PL880 shortwave radio
  1. There’s the old saying that “.45-70 is the only government I trust.” ↩︎