Anytone 878UVII+

The Anytone 878UVII+ is probably one of the few DMR radios that I don’t outright hate. It’s actually pretty good. My main complaints are that you have to charge it with the cradle and it’s possible but very complicated to program it from the front panel; you can’t do everything with the front panel, either.


If you want to unlock the frequencies for full transmission range, knowing the FCC regulations about this, you need to find the AT_Options program. You can search for it, or you can download it here. The fast path to unlocking the band:

  1. Read your radio.
  2. Wait for it to reboot.
  3. Set the band to e.g. 0 (136-174 MHz, 400-480 MHz).
  4. Write.

Note that code plugs for the normal (band 7) configuration will not work with the new mode. There is also a mode that enables 1.25m, but the radio isn’t mean to transmit or receive on this band and RUMINT is that this can brick the radio. At the very least, it wasn’t designed to transmit on that band.