Sad Hams

I’m gonna rant on this page, so if you’re sensitive or a sad ham, maybe find a different page.

If you break the HAM LAW you might encounter a special kind of amateur radio operator. They are members of the Federal Amateur Radio Team // Special National Interest Federal Field Emergency Radio Service. They came here to eat food and suck the joy out of radio and they’re all out of snacky cakes.

It’s a hobby, have fun with it. If you want a SERIOUS RADIO OPERATOR, go join the military and become a radio operator… or, do what most people do with radios: an actual job, with the radio an incidental side effect of that job.

That being said, if you’re being intentionally dumb1 consider stopping.

Credit: I think Notarubicon is where I heard the term Sad Ham from.

  1. Whoever it is jamming K6POU needs to get taken out back and beat. ↩︎