Burning ROMs

I'm working on custom serial-driven ROM programmers that don't require anything fancy (the AEPRO), but in the meantime, I grabbed a TL866II+ off eBay and got a copy of minipro. Programming ROMs with it is pretty straightforward.

The stock RC2014 ROM is in ROMs/Factory/24886009.BIN in the RC2014 repo. There's also the SCM image as an additional option.

  • AT27C256 (this is what my RC2014 ROM module shipped with): minipro -w 24886009.BIN -p AT27C512R@DIP28
  • AT28C256: minipro -w KZ80.rom -p AT28C256E
  • W27C512: minipro -w 24886009.BIN -p W27C512@DIP28