CP/M and the RC2014

First, the easiest way to run CP/M on the RC2014 is with the RomWBW module. This is my favourite, and it comes with a lot of useful stuff like ZDE. It works on both the RC2014 classic and Pro, is rock solid, and yeah, I'm kind of a fan.

Okay, so you wanted to run the '88' image off the standard pageable ROM?

The RC2014 Pro

The RC2014 Pro has the enhanced plane, so you'll want the 64K RAM module with the enhanced bus.

In order to boot CP/M, you'll want to boot from the '88' image, which needs the ROM page size set to 16k (01111) and the page selector set to ---10. The RAM module needs to be set up with paging starting at address 0, which has all the jumpers set to the right.

Alternatively, use the basic loader (the '6' image), with the ROM page size set to 8k (00111) and the page selector set to --001. I prefer the SCM loader: it has MBASIC and an assembler, in addition to being able to load CP/M.

Note that both of these loaders require CP/M be installed on the compact flash drive, unlike RomWBW where it's in flash. The image for this is in the RC2014 repo, and will depend on the UART used.

There's next to nothing on the drive, unlike RomWBW, so you'll want to transfer some files over.

XMODEM.COM and ZDE.COM are both available in the RomWBW sources.

Some ARJ archives I've got too:

This should be enough to get started.