I got my VX-6R around 2013; it's been my workhorse all-weather handheld. I mostly use it with a Diamond SRH320A tri-band whip. With this antenna and the Arama A600Y03 rainproof hand mic, I can stick it in the radio pouch on the side of my backpack. The antenna fits nicely through the straps on the side of the bag, and the mic clips onto the shoulder strap. The mic becomes the conspicuous part then, not the antenna.

Yaesu VX-6R with Diamond SRH320A tri-band whip and Arama rainproof hand mic

I've successfully programmed this with a GoodQbuy programming cable and Chirp daily-20161208.


Programming notes

  1. The cable matters. Certain cables are designed to work only with proprietary software. The Chirp site has a cables page that should provide more information.

  2. Note that when uploading to the radio, you'll want to hold V/M until after pressing okay. Once the display transitions from WAITING to RX, you can release it.