Amateur Radio

In 2016, I upgraded my amateur radio license to Amateur Extra (from technician), changing my callsign from KC0RCP to AI6UA. I was pretty fond of my old callsign, but my new one has grown on me.

I admittedly have a lot of handheld radios; I try to keep an HT (along with a medkit and notebook) in each of my bags. The radios I currently have are

  • A Yaesu FT817ND: I use this for QRP and HF stuff. Right now it's hooked up to a 20m dipole strung along my fence. I've managed to work FT8 contacts in Japan on 2.5W with it, so it does decently. This will probably go in my field day bag once I upgrade.
  • A Xiegu G90: a more power HF transceiver, at the cost of being less portable.
  • A TYT-9800+: after the MD380, I didn't think I'd buy TYT again, but this was the best looking option for a car transceiver. We'll see.
  • A Yaesu VX-6R that's part of my messenger grab bag.
  • A Yaesu FT-4XR that's part of my portable radio kit - a 40L backpack with enough kit to work a field day or other QRP operation.
  • A Baofeng UV5R that part of my earthquake bag.
  • A Baofeng UV9R that's part of my get-home bag.
  • A Baofeng F8HP that's my mobile APRS radio along with an extended battery and a Mobilinkd.
  • A TYT MD380 - the most garbage radio I've used since the MBITR. I don't know what I did with it and quite frankly, I'm better off for that.
  • An ICOM IC735 that's currently in the garage and not in active use, as I don't really have anywhere for it right now. I do have plans, though. The best laid plans, you might say.

Ideally, one day I'd get a loaded KX3, but I can't justify the price... yet.

I've started writing reviews of various pieces of equipment.

I keep my loadsets on Gitlab.