So I started writing ke - kyle's editor - tonight. Right now, it's just me following along with the kilo tutorial but with the twist that it's using a different key mapping. The tutorial uses 'q' to quit, but I'm using the VDE-style (Wordstar?) bindings - ^K ^Q (or ^K Q) to quit. Kind of fun getting that set up. Also, instead of doing a bunch of flag setting, I just call cfmakeraw(3) alongside the timeout setup.

I got a question about my amber theme that I use at night instead of the eink theme; it's using an amber face (#ff8100). I always just get it from cool-retro-term(2) in the default amber mode, as fitting my history. I always remember the excitement over getting to pick at a 286 desktop that I think was a decommissioned AT&T machine.

The goal right now is to get a basic text editor put together. As I work on it, I'm going to keep notes on the things that I like in the text editors I use and figure out how to incorporate some of those features.

While on the bus I took some notes about the UI for kortex. That's going to take some work too.