I've been working on my own exocortex for about a week now, sort of fed up with a lot of the other note taking options. I want something a little like a wiki and a little like just a folder of text files. The big problems I see right now are

  • the UI + markdown
  • syncing
  • references

I made sort of a pass at something similar before with graphbook, but more heavily focused on a programmer's notebook. This notebook is somewhat similar; it's organised such that the main nodes of reference are "tags." Naturally, a tag can encompass many things, so it's easy to sort of simulate hierarchy too.

When I set out to do this, I wanted to use a TUI; actually, I wanted to use imtui because I liked Dear ImGui, but I couldn't get it to run on any of my machines. Stupidly, I just assumed it would work and went ahead and wrote a bunch of code in C++. It works, but I don't have a way to input text. Oh well. I rewrote the core in Go and tried a few different Go packages and they're while they're all pretty decent, they're all also oriented at displaying information, and not so much text entry [1]. By this point, I was more interested in building the notebook software and not yak shaving an editor [2] which means just shelling out to $EDITOR.

So now I'm going to look at using gio and hopefully this works out a little bit better. I still dream of a text UI that's not terrible but I think editor first, then wrap my notebook around that.

Wally and I are also discussing rewriting nomad in Go, mostly for ease of deployment and catching problems faster. It's easier to come back and work on stuff after a while if you don't have to worry about a lot of the flakiness that Python brings with it; this is not to knock Python because it's run like a champ so far. The code is just in need of a rewrite (third time's the charm or so they say) and there are certain operational benefits to Go, namely the single binary making it easier to deploy.

I'm back to bullet journaling and I've written up kyle's {software trajectory, standard tools, system toolkit, ...}; it's kind of a list of things I want to build, ordered by precendence and category. Namely, I've written down some "milestone" projects; getting those done will really make me feel better about my skills. One of these is building my notebook; I've yet to build a complex graphical program. Another is the KZ80, for which I'll be writing a follow on post tonight talking about the future of that.

I've also switched back to OpenBSD; I was fed up with a bunch of stuff on Linux and decided to just move back. It'll help me simplify my computing further.

Outside of computers there's a few big things; I'm trying to get a beehive going this spring. I've got the protective gear so I can do a hive inspection class; I'll need to get a few other things as I go. I've also preordered a nucleus colony from a beekeeper (actually from the same small town my girlfriend is from!); it'll come with the deep box for the brood and a few frames with brood and a queen. I need to get the rest of the hive, including drone comb and some supers... and a smoker... and a hive tool probably... you get the picture. I'm pretty excited about this.

I've also been brewing mead; it's been going for about 47 days now. I think it's just about ready to bottle, too. This first batch will probably be meh because I used meh honey. Now that I know what I'm doing (ha ha) I've got some much higher quality honey to use for the next batch. It's gonna be good! I'm going to add in some coriander, and I might try for another melomel, too. I don't think I used nearly enough cherries for this one.

I got yaklog back in service too, so hopefully I can do more writing. I actually even got my act together enough to publish a post about tries on my main blog. Now, I just have to figure out how to get it to build and work on OpenBSD. Haskell on openBSD has traditionally been somewhat of a nightmare; I haven't even gotten pandoc to build yet. We'll see. I might need to find another solution, but I really don't want to give up my org-mode and ReST blogging. Pelican works for ReST, so maybe I just have to convert a bunch of stuff over to ReST and be done with it.

[1]I guess I'm going to have to write my own editor after all...
[2]Yet! I reserve the right to write an editor of my own!