I did some more testing on the KZ80.

I got the first prototypes back of the Arduino LoRa Modem (ALMO); it looks like I wired in RX/TX backwards and I got the socket for the RFM backwards somehow. Wunderbar.

Talked to some folks in the RC2014 IRC channel; all three of us were amateur radio operators.

That's about the long and short of it.

So that was written early in the morning while I was suffering from insomnia; it's basically yesterday's journal entry.

Today, I dug up the first dump of notes I made on the KZ80; I thought it would be interesting to preserve the contents so I could clear it out of my file system.

#+TITLE: On building a Z80 laptop

* On building a Z80 laptop

** Core components

   + CPU
   + SRAM
   + ROM
   + keyboard
   + graphics
   + UART

** Questions

   + How to do graphics?
   + How to program ROM?
     + Especially inside a case
   + How to select ROM
     + ROMs are supposed to be 8k?
     + ROM chip is 64k = 8x ROMs
     + dip switch on keyboard? back of laptop?

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