Monday update

In keeping with tradition, here's my lobsters Monday update post:

I was having issues with one of my RC2014’s serial board and I wanted an SIO/2-based serial for the other, so I built one. That showed up last night, and I quickly soldered one together. Lo and behold, it works. I’m out of 7404 ICs, so I can’t build the rest yet.

For the KZ80 (my Z80-based laptop), I had built a backplane that connects the RC2014’s modules to my mainboard. This week, I’m going to put one together, try to get an SCM ROM built for it, and hopefully start working on the operating system.

I also picked up some beekeeping books yesterday, and I’m going to tentatively start planing a hive for the spring.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, so I have some time off to spend hacking on things. I’ll probably spend some tie this week catching up on sleep, flying my drone, and trying to figure out how to do I/O on the KZ80. I have a keyboard with 21 pins, an LCD with 16, and somehow need to throw an SD card in there. I have no idea how to get it all working.