Where was I?

So, I've been working on a maths package, finally started understanding quaternions, as much as anyone can really get a 4D transform. It also includes the start of a Madgwick filter for IMU orientation estimates. That's kind of been in a slump this week because I need actual hardware to hack on it for, and while I have said hardware, I haven't had time to sit down on a machine that I can attach it to. The robots have stalled for the same reason, just a lack of time and energy. My revised power boards showed up and I still haven't assembled them.

I've also been working through PIM, which is fun because it makes me think about proofs and such. I've taken some notes over in my notebook.

I've had two projects that I also want to hack on; one is a GTK version of Quiver - I love the app and I have a bunch of notes in it, but I want to be able to edit them on my Thinkpad, too. Or maybe I just come up with a better system for org-mode. I don't know. I've been working slowly on a backend, something I can putter away at on the bus.

The other is an eBPF VM. I think it'd be fun to make a game where you write eBPF programs to do battle, but first I have to emulate the CPU.

The emulator is working with 64-bit ALU instructions; I still have to handwrite the programs because I don't have an assembler done yet. That's one thing I really want to do because handwriting these programs isn't all that fun.

It would also be cool to emulate the CPU with an FPGA. That's a ways down the road, though.

Thinking about writing an eBPF article to submit to Paged Out.