About a week or two ago, I started flying a drone a lot more regularly; I've got a Mavic Air and it's wicked fun. With the potential in the future for moving out of the Bay Area but staying in NorCal, I've been thinking about what happens if I can't get fulltime remote work as a SWE. Flying drones is an option. It combines a few of my favourite things: flying, robots, photography, etc.

As preparation for some upcoming stuff, I've been reading back up on eBPF (because seccomp). A lot of my deep linux knowledge seems to have atrophied, which kind of sucks. I've been thinking a lot that moving up from the system layer wasn't the best choice, though maybe it was fine to do for a spell. I've been itching to get back down to lower levels though.

I picked up an m5stack ESP32 dev board which looks like a fun wee computer to play with. I've got the itch to put a Lisp or Forth on it, especially building out a small operating system that I can hack on the board with. Maybe because eBPF, the idea of building a DCPU emulator on top strikes my fancy. We'll see.

Reminds me, I need to stand an MQTT server up too. And build a LoRa / MQTT gateway.