Okay, so yesterday I was working until entirely too late (I think my last change was at 23:11 LST [1]) and never got around to finishing yesterday's entry.

Needless to say, work has been hectic. We've been working towards a major feature release, and my feature has been the last unfinished one. I'll write up a lot more about this later, but there's been a lot to learn. It's been kind of exhausting, though.

I mentioned I'd gone with OpenBSD on my laptop. I think I might try my hand at working on the OS at some point in the future and obviously it'd help to be running it. For reasons of not wanting to have to order an IP KVM for every snap update (because you never know when they'll fulfill the ticket, so you have to make sure you have a few hours free that you can spend watching your email), I went with stable on the two colo boxes.

So far so good. The media keys work, suspend works, the new hostname.if join syntax works like a charm, so far most everything works.

The things that don't work:

  • PlatformIO - I'll need to find a workaround for this to continue doing embedded work.
  • cryptutils - decryption takes too much memory. I need to find a better solution, maybe a pass analogue using signify keys.

Nomad's still going strong. I haven't had time to get to a lot of the things I wanted to work on with it. That's okay, though, because it's just worked. I've been using it pretty much daily. It'll be nice to do some more work on it, but it's pretty solid for what it is right now and that feels good.

I was talking to my girlfriend on phone last night, and she mentioned that it was strange that people now text before calling. It made me think how much that's a deep-seated thing; I'd no more call someone out of the blue than I'd chew with my mouth open. I've also not spent much time calling people, even growing up. I've never really talked on the phone, and when I do, it's my parents, my girlfriend, or a professional thing (like a phone screen). I tried calling her out of the blue this morning. It went well.

In order to scratch an itch, I wrote a Go version of signify and then added support for curve25519 encryption. I kind of like this.

[1]Local Standard Time, of course.