I've been giving the SMS publishing idea more thought... and to be honest, I like it. I'm going to build a first MVP that's a self-hosted version open to the world. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I'm also thinking about adding constraints, like one photo post per day - not for price, but for aesthetic reasons: you now have to go through and pick the one photo from the day to share. Another thought: if I know how much each post costs to produce, what happens when I feel like what I say costs something? It seems like it could have a good effect, but one could just as easily argue from the other side. Something else to think about.

Speaking of which, I miss my camera. I think the weight of all the unprocessed photos on my memory card right now is weighing me down, so I'm going to dump the photos onto external storage and start clean. Probably put the pancake lens on; I might have to acquire another field pouch, too. I've got the urge to pick up one of the Voigtlander lenses, too.