The weather's been getting warmer, hopefully we'll be able to start doing some outdoor climbs again. I'm kind of looking forward to a Mt. St. Helena climb...

The Udacity data structures and algorithms class started. I was able to get through a lot last night just because it was all a Python refresher. I still need to go through the next problem set.

I had a strange bug with my toy little server I'm building with the bits I'm learning from the Programming Erlang book. Basically, you send a message with the data to the server, and it's supposed to store it under the SHA256 hash of the file, but only if it doesn't already know about it. Well, I'd reversed the true / false clauses, so basically,

Fortunately that was pretty easy to check for. I had to add a few calls to io:format though.

I'd say that so far one of my most common mistakes is ending function clauses with a . instead of a ; (ye olde 'function already defined'), and really just forgetting about . in general.

I think that writing a lot of even dumb code is helping build intuition for how things work. There's a lot to learn, but it's fun writing stuff. I wonder how hard it would be to write a FUSE drive in Erlang?

I think I'm going to see about getting put on the storage team here after a year; I'm realising a lot of my interests align there. Building the experience side first is great, though.