So, I wrote a text editor on the bus yesterday. I followed along with one of the DAS From Scratch videos. I've long had this as a project to do, and I think it'll be a good starting point for future work. I'd like to port it over to C, but I think Go will be a better first language so I don't have to burn out on all the memory management.

I've been using James' yubikey-ssh instructions, but for some reason today my Mac decided that I shouldn't actually be able to use it with ssh-agent; the identity file workaround still works, but now I have to enter my PIN and press the yubikey each time. Kind of annyoing.

The macbook air showed up; it wouldn't let me encrypt the drive, so I had to reinstall. Kind of a pain. Especially since it made me start from Yosemite, then upgrade to Mojave. All told it took about an hour and a half to do the initial setup. Not bad. It'll take some getting used to, though.