I'm out sick today, so I started slowly resuming work on my drone. It's mostly mechanical work, but it's hard to focus. Anyways, I realised I mounted the PixHawk backwards, which means all my motor controllers are mounted wrong. That was kind of a pain.

In other news, I got an OmniOS VM set up [1]; I asked the prgmr folks about setting up an OmniOS VPS, but it's not tenable right now because it's not set up to install over a serial console. I couldn't get it to install on any of my other machines [2], so this is what I have to work with. It's kind of nice being back on Solaris. The next trick will be figuring out how to build and run the latest illumos on. It's also given me the itch to run OpenBSD again, but my attempt at installing it on the netbook hasn't worked out well. The machine boots (oh so slowly), and otherwise mostly seems to work; on suspend, though, the softraid disk doesn't come back. Maybe NetBSD as a return to my roots [3].

Given my sick state, I'm affording myself the opportunity to re-watch Dune [4].

I think for the sake of making me learn more, starting a grimoire of algorithms and data structures implemented in C and Rust (and eventually Ada) would be useful.

Also have the itch to learn Smalltalk.

A veces, quiero escribir artículos en otro idioma, es bueno verificar si lo entiendo. Pero, la pregunta es simple: ¿qué idioma? Mi primera opción es, por supuesto, el francés. En estos días, sin embargo, el español es una mejor opción. Algún día quiero poder escribir en alemán, porque es un país que me gusta mucho. ¡Necesito mucha más práctica para todos esos idiomas!

[1]This post was written in said VM.
[2]I still have this pipe dream of an illumos laptop, something like a modern descendent of a Sun workstation, but so far all the distributions are trying to thwart me. I've given OpenIndiana and Tribblix a whack, but no dice.
[3]My first laptop was an IBM Thinkpad T20 that I bought off eBay and which ran NetBSD.
[4]There is but one Dune, and it's the 1984 version with Patrick Stewart and Sting, of course.

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