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Finally, Chirp seems to be working with the VX-6R. I've had no issues with the FT-817 or the ?Baofeng, but the VX-6R was just incommunicado as far as Chirp was concerned. I thought it might have been the cable, but a Chirp update seems to have fixed it. One quirk, though, is that when uploading a loadset to the radio, you have to hold the V/M key until after clicking OK. It should automatically switch from WAITING to RX once you click okay (and are still pressing V/M).

I've put the loadsets on Gitlab.

Posted Sun Dec 11 03:05:02 2016

Tried to work the FO-29 pass around 22:30 PDT (06:30 UTC); didn't succeed. I had my FT-817ND hooked up to the Elk logp antenna, but found it difficult to keep the hand-aimed antenna pointed in the right direction while working the radio and watching the polar plot at the same time. I caught a bit of a conversation but quickly lost it. I'd like to build a rotator assembly for the antenna, which will require setting up something that works with gpredict. Still, have to love that lovely SSB voice modulation when you're catching the wrong bit of the signal.

Posted Sun Dec 4 08:58:51 2016

This morning, I got the notification that the FCC had processed my request for a new call sign after upgrading to my amateur extra license. It was a little bittersweet; I've had the old call sign (KC0RCP) since 2003, but the new one is quickly growing on me. It's also a lot shorter than the previous one when sending in Morse, which is nice.

Anyways, new license and call sign, and a desire to start actually doing things with my license, means I should probably start a site to keep track of things. So, here we go.

Posted Tue Nov 29 19:10:30 2016