I've got, as I suspect most operators do, a motley collection of various HT antennas I've acquired over time.

Miscellaneous HT antennas

Pictured above, from top to bottom (excluding the two small rubber ducks):

  • A Nagoya NA-771 dual band (2m/70cm) 15.6in/39.6cm whip, SMA-F base
  • A Diamond SRH320A tri-band (2m/1.25m/70cm) 14in/35.6cm whip, SMA-M base
  • An Alinco AL-800 high-gain dual-band (2m/70cm), 8.6in/22cm retracted and 37.3"/94.8cm fully extended, SMA-F base
  • A telescoping whip that shipped with the ?hamshields, SMA-M base

The rubber ducks, from top to bottom, are:

  • A Retevis RT20 dual band (2m/70cm) 2.6in/6.5cm rubber duck, SMA-M base
  • A Kenmax 2m rubber duck, SMA-M base