29 JUNE 2022

PT: 35 minutes on the elliptical for low-impact cardio. Strength training:

  • Bench press: 115# warmup, 5x5 @ 145#
  • Deadlift: 115# warmup, 5x5 @ 165#
  • Back squat: 135# warmup, 5x5 @ 185#

I was reading through some AoM posts, and ran across How Long Should You Rest Between Weightlifting Sets?. Brett wrote that

You’ll usually find me reading a book between sets.

To be honest, this never occurred to me. I grabbed out my pocket copy of the United States Constitution and started reading that between sets. I love this idea.

I'd been resting maybe 30-45 seconds between sets; I've been reading that given my lifting goals, I should be doing 2 minutes. This is going to take some planning on my part to make Wednesday lifts work, as I usually start my cardio around 6 and finish lifting by 7:15, with an 8 AM meeting that I need to ready to go for.

Pretty much every other strength day I’ve since I kicked off “Starting Strength," I’ve felt pretty stiff during the sets. Today wasn’t bad at all. I may end up bumping the weights up on Friday anyways.

GD: cleaned up a lot of trash in the basketball court outside the gym. No carts spotted, I feel my citizenship is in danger.

Agon: during last night's examen, I identified some ways I could be living with more honor.

Badge: Day 3 of the 31-day journaling challenge covering positive habit forming.

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