28 JUNE 2022

PT: an hour walk while listening to a lecture from the Great Course.

GD: one of my coworkers is dealing with some stuff. I spent some time listening to him vent today and gave him some advice for breaking out of a funk. Also picked up trash on the walk. No shopping carts spotted today.

Agon: I conducted my examen last night in conjunction with journaling.

Badge: Day 2 of journaling; I wrote a little about what manliness means to me. I listened to another lecture from the Great Course for the GS badge; this evening's lecture was on "Rational Discussion in a Polarized Context." One of the key points in avoiding polarization in your own thinking is to look at the totality of evidence under the lens of independent standards. We should avoid being Kripkean dogmatists that tend to reject information that disagrees with their worldview. With Kripkean dogmatism, adding more information to a polarized viewpoint actually tends to make that viewpoint even more polarized. Another way to combat polarized thinking in yourself is taking care which sources of information you ingest and trust, or at the very least, be aware of the biases of those information sources.

Between Agon 2 and the Gentleman Scholar badge, as well as TSL in general, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a better Citizen; I ended up writing up a little essay about it this afternoon.