27 JUNE 2022

PT: 40 minutes on the elliptical, 26 minutes of strength training.

  • Deadlift: 5x5@165#
  • Shoulder press: 5x5@95#
  • Back squat: 5x5@185#

I have a Goruck Light this weekend, so I'm not bumping the weights up this week. Also, one of the coaches at the gym called me out for showing up consistently the past couple weeks.

GD: I took the time to help mentor one of the junior people on my team.

Agon: some reflection last night. I didn't journal it, though.

Badges: completing the Hacker badge means I'm not under pressure anymore to get one done in the next 9 weeks. I'm going to keep working on the Gentleman Scholar, but this does open up longer badges, like the Journaling or the Virtue badge, which can't be completed during the boot camp phase. I've started with Journaling, because I think keeping a record of everything will be helpful for every other endeavor in this program and a strenuous life in general.


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