25 JUNE 2022

PT: 3.7 mile walk at about 9:15 at night. Still sore from yesterday, and I barely got out to do some physical activity.

GD: I took a page from a bunch of y'alls and returned a bunch of carts at target today.

Agon: Once I get this training log in, I'm going to put my examen on an index card. I've used something basically like this when journaling before:

  • How did you improve your condition today?
  • What good did you do for the world?
  • What is something you're grateful for?
  • What is a lesson learned from today that you will try to do different in the future?

I think this meets the spirit of the examen, so I'll probably continue to use it.

Badge: not much on GS, but my boards arrived for my Hacker badge project. I assembled one and tested it out, and it seems to work (and was helpful for verifying some of the challenges). It's one of the simplest boards I've done, but there's always the worry that I messed something up and have to wait another two weeks / spend more money to fix it. I'll probably do up a version for an Uno-size board to open it up to more people who might not have (or want to buy) a nano.

CTF board waiting to be assembled. Assembled CTF board, unassembled CTF board, EEPROM programmer, and another random Nano.