24 JUNE 2022

PT: cardio was 20 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the stairmaster. I want to start spending more time on the stairmaster, and probably also find the rowing machine at the gym.

Today was also a strength day; I bumped the weight by 10# on each exercise.

  • Bench press: warmup 5@115#, 5x5@145#
  • Deadlift: warmup 5@115#, 5x5@165#
  • Back squat: warmup 5@135#, 5x5@185

GD: picked up after people at lunch. We were sitting outside, and a lot of people just let their napkins blow away. I also picked up some of the campus bikes.

Agon: complete. I started writing a summary of the book I read for Agon 2. I think it's going to be a longer form thing; I don't know if I'll do that for every book, but I like the idea of writing more. Writing is a great tool for organizing your thoughts; organized thoughts make you a better thinker; being a better thinker makes you a better Citizen. Also, the book is an overview of ancient Greek culture, so having longer notes and retaining more of that will be helpful for the Classics badge.

Badges: I read more of L'Amour, currently on page 262/345. I also worked on the second challenge for the hardware capture-the-flag project I'm working on for the Hacker badge.

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