23 JUNE 2022

PT: 3.37 mile walk with my ruck on in 1h05m. I was feeling a bit sore (in a good way) from yesterday's strength and I waited to do the ruck until the sun was going down and the temperature was a little less crazy (about 86F / 30C from a high today of 99F / 37C). The plan right now is to wake up at 0500, leave the house by 0530, which should put me at the gym by 0615, and follow my training plan of 30m cardio followed by 30m of strength.

GD: picked up trash along my route.

Agon: completed.

Badge: Listened to another lecture from the Philosopher's Toolkit Great Course. Also a few more pages in L'Amour. I need to get my rear in gear and finish the book so I can move onto the Well-Educated Mind.