22 JUNE 2022


  • 30 minutes on the elliptical.
  • 30 minutes strength training.
    • Deadlift: warmup 5@115#, 5x5@155#
    • Shoulder press: warmup 5@45#, 5x5@85#
    • Squat: warmup 5@135#, 5x5@185#

Based on how I'm feeling about these, I pushed the weights up a bit. I added 10# to my squat and 20# to my deadlift to get them to be more appropriate. I hadn't done shoulder presses in the gym in a long, long while so I wasn't really sure where to start. The weight ended up being just about right.

GD: picking up trash around my apartment complex and going out of my way to help out coworkers with some stuff.

Badge: lots of progress in L'Amour (216/345).

Agon: completed yesterday. Working on a write up of the book from Agon #2.

One of the things I've been wanting to do for a while is to write up notes on the books I've read, even if it's a paragraph or two to jog my memory when I want to read more. I already have highlights on my Kindle syncing to Readwise, and I started doing something like this in my second brain. I really just need to carve out time to write. This is also why my journaling tends to go in and out, I don't make time to write.

  • EQV

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