06 JULY 2022

PT: I changed things up a bit today and did the modified starting strength workout before cardio.

  • deadlift: 5x5 @ 185#
  • shoulder press: 2x5 @ 115, 3x5 @ 105 - I started off heavier but couldn't complete a third set (I got to 4/5 reps), so I downgraded the weight.
  • back squat: 2x5 @ 215, 3x5 @ 205 - I barely finished the second set, so I downgraded for the last three sets.

I constantly live in a state of DOMS these days. I need to find something like starting strength but for stretching out afterwards. Something consistent I can incorporate into my routines.

I finished by doing 32 minutes on the exercise bike.

GD: cleaning up around work and my apartment complex. More importantly, when I went to get groceries tonight, I found a lone shopping cart to return to the corral. My citizenship has been redeemed.

Agon: nothing today, I'm going for a run tomorrow morning where I'll try to identify some places to finish out the agon (tree climb and low crawl).

Badge: more journaling. I'm still trying to figure out a six word summary of my life. This is harder than I thought it would be.