02 JULY 2022

PT: GORUCK Basic, 5 hour ruck with some PT and since this is a historic-event-themed event, there was a lot of discussion of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Revolutionary War. It would say it was strenuous, but it never tested my resolve. It was a lot of fun, I met some new people, and we did some hard things. Next time I’m doing the Tough, though.

GD: After the event, a couple of us went out to dinner and we paid for the cadre’s food. I also cleaned up around the Veteran’s Memorial a little before the event.

Agon: I was a little preoccupied today, so I didn’t get to it.

Badge: I journaled last night (writing a letter). In order to get to bed at a reasonable time, I didn’t write the letter I really wanted to, so I’m going to spend some time tweaking it before sending it. Tonight is a six word memoir.