01 JULY 2022

PT: 32 minutes elliptical in the morning. I did another modified “Starting Strength" set (5×5 instead of 3×5) afterwards where I bumped up all my weights by 10#. Deadlifts @ 175#, shoulder press @ 105#, back squats @ 195#. My friend just PR’d 285 so now I have someone to try to beat in a friendly competition. I could feel it in my back this morning (in a good way).

GD: I cleaned up the basketball court outside the gym before coming in. It was full of empty and half-full water bottles, trash, and cigarette butts.

Agon: I did my examen last night.

Badge: I did journaling day 4 (via negativa, identify a behaviour/habit you want to be rid of and come up with a plan). I also started executing on the plan.

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